Imagination Movers videos on Disney

It”s good to see my buddy Dave and the Imagination Movers getting another step closer to kid rock (not Kid Rock) superstardom with the debut of a new set of videos on Playhouse Disney. The videos are a precursor to the TV show in development with Disney, and the Mouse influence is evident with slicker production values.

Some enthusiastic Movers fan (me) has posted the new videos up at YouTube (note to Disney … it”s for the purpose of promoting your new act, so embrace it, please). Vids and notes:

Imagination Movers Theme

This video gives a glimpse inside the Idea Warehouse set for the TV show and sets the tone for the band and the series.

Mover Music

The mac daddy new Movers video. Choreographed by one Trish Sie, who did a couple of neat little videos for her brother”s band – OK Go. You know, treadmills and all that. Wins herself a Grammy and follows up with doing an Imagination Movers video. Not shabby.

Shakable You

Big David Byrne jackets …

Seven Days A Week

Not an Irish drinking song … but close.


This one may be my favorite song and video of the bunch. You can”t lose with an ornery pig (what is that, a Razorback??) and “The roosters … the roosters … the roosters are tired!”

An interesting dynamic of the Disney stuff is that they cut what are full-length songs down to 60-second and 90-second video versions (you can check the 60-second versions here). Having had a chance to see some of the full-length videos, it”s too bad that they have to get cut down, since there”s some actual good songwriting and instrumentation going on here. But that”s life in the big media world, I suppose.

In any case, nice to have Disney putting the machine behind the Movers.

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