Inman Park Properties and unpaid property taxes

I”ve been poking around a bit with some information about Inman Park Properties lately (previous reports), and I noticed an interesting pattern.

The company really doesn”t like to pay its property taxes in East Atlanta. According to DeKalb County online records (which purport to be accurate to within two days on property tax information), Inman Park Properties has only paid its 2006 property tax on six of the 31 parcels it (and LLCs controlled by Inman Park Properties owner Jeff Notrica) owns in the East Atlanta Village.

That”s right – 25 unpaid property tax bills out of 31 total properties totalling $92,116, according to the county site. That”s $92,116 Notrica”s companies owe to DeKalb County and the city of Atlanta in 2006 taxes. And they owe another $6,981 in 2004 and 2005 taxes for the Homeless Hovel property Notrica finally demolished in January.

Hey, that”s $3 short of $100K Notrica has in unpaid taxes just here in our little commercial village.

There are about 100 total parcels in the East Atlanta Village area. Taking out a few government and church properties, there”s about 90 commercial properties on which taxes are levied. Apart from the 25 Inman Park Properties and Notrica parcels on which 2006 taxes are owed, there are only three other properties I found that owe 2006 taxes. Two of those owed a small portion of their total tax bill.

Only Abe Asher – the other bad-reputation property owner in East Atlanta Village – neglected to pay a tax bill completely. He owes taxes on one of his nine parcels (11% of his properties). Notrica owes taxes on 80% of his properties.

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