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Catching up

Sorry for lack of updates … blah, blah … So Ryan Perrilloux finds himself in a good bit of trouble for trying to get on a casino boat using his older brother”s ID. A big deal in itself? Hardly. We all know underage SEC quarterbacks like to have a little fun in the off-season – [...]

Mike V, R.I.P.

He was a good fella. And could somebody at LSU please come up with a picture from his arrival day in the cage that includes me? Dude on the right sort of almost looks like me, but it ain”t. The symbolism of Mike V dying as the LSU Baseball team”s season likely gets put to [...]

Imagination Movers videos on Disney

It”s good to see my buddy Dave and the Imagination Movers getting another step closer to kid rock (not Kid Rock) superstardom with the debut of a new set of videos on Playhouse Disney. The videos are a precursor to the TV show in development with Disney, and the Mouse influence is evident with slicker [...]

Inman Park Properties and unpaid property taxes

I”ve been poking around a bit with some information about Inman Park Properties lately (previous reports), and I noticed an interesting pattern. The company really doesn”t like to pay its property taxes in East Atlanta. According to DeKalb County online records (which purport to be accurate to within two days on property tax information), Inman [...]

Hard to have sympathy …

It turns out that St. Louis Cardinals” pitcher Josh Hancock had a blood alcohol level of 0.157, wasn”t wearing a seatbelt and may have been talking on his cellphone when he killed himself by slamming into the back of a tow truck going 68 miles per hour (in a 55 zone). That”s a whole lot [...]

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