Coke Zero lawsuit ads

I”m happy to see my beloved Coke Zero finally seeming to take hold in the market. On my recent Kentucky road trip, I was able to find Zero (and even Cherry Zero) in just about every dinky little convenience store I stopped in. And I like the company”s new “sue Coke Zero” campaign. An AJC piece last month did a good job of explaining the shift in thinking that had to happen on North Avenue to start positioning Zero against the Golden Goose – Coca-Cola.

But watching the “sue Coke Zero” ads – in which they pulled some actual Coke lawyers in for hidden-camera discussions about the Coke team wanting to sue the Zero team – I can”t help but wonder how many attorneys they tried this trick with … and whether any of them happened to be outside counsel. I can imagine a particularly entertaining exchange with the right lawyer sitting on the other side of the table.

Also, nice work on the part of Coke”s agency to digitally update the ads with Zero”s new black (rather than original white) image.

Frame from YouTube video:

Frame from the Coke Zero site:

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