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AJC Totally not getting this online media thing

There was a rare excellent business story in the AJC this weekend – an exclusive sit-down with Coca-Cola”s CEO and President that focused on problems the soda giant continues to have in the North America market. The two talked frankly about recognizing deep problems in U.S. operations, the perception problem with high-calorie colas and their [...]

Fonzie had better win

Alabama had to turn people away from their Spring Game after filling up their 92,000-seat stadium. Because, you know, Jesus is coaching now. Bama fills stadium for Saban”s “debut”

Clearly, all CNN was missing was Kiran Chetry

CNN”s American Morning goes Mark III tomorrow with the O”Briens (Soledad and Miles) getting kicked to the curb in favor of two new robo-anchors: Kiran Chetry and John Roberts. Because, clearly, the problem with American Morning is that the anchors haven”t been white and plastic enough. American Morning is in a tough spot. CNN wants [...]

Coke Zero lawsuit ads

I”m happy to see my beloved Coke Zero finally seeming to take hold in the market. On my recent Kentucky road trip, I was able to find Zero (and even Cherry Zero) in just about every dinky little convenience store I stopped in. And I like the company”s new “sue Coke Zero” campaign. An AJC [...]

Please calm down about Google Maps in New Orleans

If there was any doubt that Google”s new position in the mindset of America is “rich whipping boy”, that”s been clearly shown in the past few days of this “Google thinks Katrina never happened” crap. For those of you too caught up in the endless sea of lame April Fools” stories online, here”s the skinny [...]

I for one welcome our new Gator overlords

OK, maybe it”s not as bad as all that, but well done, you jean-short-wearing yokels. Basketball >> Football >> Basketball. Impressive.

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