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All Rise! … now what’s my password again?

As part of my free life lesson program, I had the distinct pleasure to be in Atlanta Traffic Court Monday afternoon for the first live session using the court”s new computerized case-management system. The pleasure came from the pure comedy involved in watching a staid old traffic court judge try to use one of those [...]

LSU’s new offense

It”s good to read stories like this one in The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) laying out the expectation that LSU”s 2007 offensive will be a lot more wide-open than it”s been in the past. Of course, it might have been nice to play an open offense when we had [...]

Inman Park Properties update

For those of you following the tale of Jeff Notrica and Inman Park Properties in East Atlanta, here are some updates for you. The Good: – Work is rolling along at the two new restaurants set to open in Notrica”s strip of spaces between the Graveyard Tavern and what used to be Good News Cafe [...]

LSU’s Dark Days

These are not good times for LSU fans. We”re not even 90 days removed from the last great moment in Tiger sports – the thrashing of Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl – and good news is rare in South Baton Rouge. Men”s basketball wasn”t even invited to the NIT a year after reaching the [...]

Saban LSU sticker – likely not real; still funny

Supposedly the result of an LSU fan finding Fonzie”s car parked in the “head coach” spot outside of the Bama football offices. I do remember Nick Saban liking the black Mercedes S-Classes back in the day.

Evolution of an AJC executive pay story

Going through my RSS feeds last night, I was surprised to see a fairly rational account of The Coca Cola Company”s proxy filing and executive pay disclosures in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But, alas, that was just the initial filing of the story. The original piece, which my reader said came across at 1:36 p.m. (maybe [...]

Keiland Williams – impressive

There was a good piece this week in The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) on LSU sophomore running back Keiland Williams. Leslie doesn”t let freshmen talk to the press, so this was Williams” first big moment with the local media. I”m a huge Williams fan. He”s got the potential to [...]

Free life lesson

Driving the wife to work this morning, some jackass on Marietta Street decided that it would be better for him – rather than waiting 30 seconds for the cars in front of him to turn left – to jump out into the right-hand lane directly in front of me, my wife, Cletus the fetus and [...]

How bad is this hospital?

So the wife and I were up in NashVegas this weekend to help welcome a new niece into the world. On the local next yesterday morning there was this rather strange bit about the shooting of a Springfield police officer: Springfield Police Officer Shot March 5, 2007 12:53 AM A Springfield police officer was recovering [...]

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