How to tell when your town has become a Google hub

Google has really been expanding its Atlanta presence of late, adding engineering jobs to the sales positions and data center (outside of town) jobs they”ve been basing here for a while now. A completely unscientific analysis of Google”s U.S. job postings shows Atlanta”s rising profile in Googleville. The top U.S. markets by “types of positions” open:

- Mountain View (748 types of openings)
- New York City (151)

- Seattle/Kirkland (48)
- Santa Monica (46)
- Chicago (41)
- Irvine, Ca. (33)
- Atlanta (23)

Our fair city is ahead of Boston and Dallas, so bully for Atlanta. It seems logical that some of the Bay Area Boom would filter out to places like Atlanta (Yahoo is also expanding beyond ad sales here). It”s unbelievably expensive to live out there, which has to have an effect on recruiting into the market; there”s value in getting something other than “Valley Think” into your products, and spreading talent and operations beyond the earthquake zone is just smart planning. Plus, Google is consuming office space in Mountain View at a Godzilla pace – they”ll run out of buildings between the bay and the 101 here soon.

And I guess this week marks the point when Google officially “arrives” in Atlanta. They”ve posted a Cafe Manager job for their office here. And, yes, they do advertise on Yahoo HotJobs.

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