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Good news for Nick Saban

Apparently Jimbo Fisher didn”t go to Florida State, after all. This from The Advocate”s (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) SEC spring football capsules this morning: LSU Starts: Feb. 26. Spring game: March 24. Last season’s record: 11-2. LSU’s offense is in the midst of a makeover following the early departure of [...]

How to tell when your town has become a Google hub

Google has really been expanding its Atlanta presence of late, adding engineering jobs to the sales positions and data center (outside of town) jobs they”ve been basing here for a while now. A completely unscientific analysis of Google”s U.S. job postings shows Atlanta”s rising profile in Googleville. The top U.S. markets by “types of positions” [...]

The Sirius / XM Merger

OK, so now the deal is done for merging my fabulous Sirius Satellite Radio with the crappy XM Radio. There are lots of issues to be resolved: regulatory, technical and operational. But the biggest issue in my mind is programming. I”ve said many times that XM music programming sucks. Because it does. I know this [...]

College football is not played on Thursday nights

I don”t care if it means LSU / Mississippi State will be the first college football game of the season. I don”t care if it makes ESPN happy. I don”t care if it takes pressure off LSU to move a home game someday. I don”t care if opening with MSU instead of MTSU will better [...]

I apologize for the lack of updates

Back into that “man, I”m really busy” mode.

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