Sirius living in an Acura TL

For the sake of those fine Googlefied folks who view the Wisdom as an Acura TL blog, I wanted to post my suggestion on how to get Sirius into an Acura TL (which also happens to be the way I put Sirius in my TL). Biggest upside of my install – no brackets or other attachment apparatus required. Cool.

I put my Sirius Starmate in the lower center console tray to see how it would look, and I discovered it sat really nicely there with no kind of permanent attachment:

The power plug on the right (I shaved down the top a little to get a good fit) creates a good backstop for that side, and the plugs on the left rest nicely against the edge of the tray there. All of the wires (antenna, power, cassette adapter) live happily behind the unit in the tray:

The best thing about this approach is that if I want to hide the unit for some reason, I can just unplug the wires, push them back in the bottom tray and put the unit in the top tray:

I happened to already have a Starmate, so this worked perfect for me. They sell a different unit that”s the same size but dark grey, which would look real nice in the ebony interior.

As for the stereo interface, I was going to go with the FM modulator, but it was a real hassle to get to the antenna connector … and I have this cassette player for some reason, so I decided to use it. It”s a short hop between the cassette slot and the trim covering the console, so just a little dab of tape holds the wire down nicely (looks better outside of the harsh light of a flash):

Lastly, I decided to try an interior-mount for the satellite antenna, and so far so good. I live in the city, so I have a really strong terrestrial signal, but I”ll see how reception is out in the middle of nowhere on a trip this weekend. In most instances, I think it”ll work fine:

The benefit of this is that by putting the antenna on the dash inside the windshield, I got to keep 100% of the install within the console and the dash. I drilled one hole in the side of the bottom trays for the wires, but otherwise it”s a quick and easy uninstall. And the only break-down I had to do was the side of the console and driver”s under-dash parts (which you have to take off to get to the side of the console, anyway).

Hope this helps anybody thinking of a Sirius rig in a TL. Pardon the interruption, regular Wisdom readers.

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