Leslie Lying?

I have to agree with the fine folks at TigerSmack that it”s pretty troubling that Les Miles was either lying about knowing what”s up with Ryan Perrilloux or is actually that clueless about what”s going on in his program.

We’re also a bit puzzled/irritated by LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles’ blatantly lying about his level of knowledge at yesterday’s press conference. As they say, we were born at night but not last night. Either a) Les Miles lied about how much he knew about the situation, or b) the man is even more clueless than his worst detractors claim he is and is wholly unqualified to be running a program of LSU’s stature. (Note that a and b are not mutually exclusive, but that’s a subject for another post.) Seems to us the man in the ridiculous hat could’ve simply said “I’m not going to comment on that situation at this time” and been done with it. We’re used to Miles and his staff lying about player injuries, and you can make an argument for that, but this isn’t the same thing.

I”m not sure which would be the worse reality here.

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