What excites me about the iPhone

“Watching” the minute-by-minute live blogging of Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone today, I got more and more excited with each little feature detail coming out. No buttons – cool. Auto-rotation between vertical and horizontal views – awesome. Smart design for handling dialing and voice mail – great. A real OS and a real Safari browser for a real mobile Web experience – freaking fantastic. Everything about the device was stunningly great. Until Steve delivered the kicker – 8 GB for iTunes music/video, photos, etc. Boo. Seriously.

I”m having to manage down my iTunes library to squeeze things on to my 60 GB iPod with Video. 8 GB is way too little space for a device so well optimized to play video and navigate a music library. But, I had to keep reminding myself, this thing is a phone/communications device first, an iPod second. I”m not a $600 phone sort of guy, but just the functionality of iPhone as a communications tool makes this a compelling product.

What excited me, though, is the obvious implication that the no-button, wide-screen, layout-shifting functionality launched with the iPhone has to be the basis for the next generation of full-on iPods. There”s no way that”s not the case, and I would guess big-boy iPods that look and function like the iPhone are on the way later this year; maybe with those tiny new 100 GB hard drives inside.

So unless I get to buy one for work, I”ll steer clear of the iPhone this summer (although I imagine I”ll have one eventually). But watch out when this becomes the platform form the next generation of iPods. I”m totally on that.

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