Better. Stronger. Faster

As an LSU fan, I”m supposed to hate Florida. I can”t say I like them all that much, but I sure do respect them. Not that I didn”t enjoy the endless fun of the Zook era, but just like the SEC needs a strong Alabama, it needs a strong Florida, too.

And having Florida hand the oh-so-powerful Ohio State that big bag of their own dicks tonight is a great thing for the SEC. Ohio State, the pearl of the Big 10, had no game against the big, strong, fast Gators.

Except for a good “normal” running game, Florida had all the elements of a modern SEC powerhouse – big, fast, aggressive defense and big, fast offense. Their performance tonight was the perfect SEC-team game – 82 yards allowed; 372 yards gained. OSU”s Heisman Trophy winner completed 4 passes for 35 yards and accounted for a net total of 6 – yes 6 – yards of offense when sacks are factored in. It was a telling moment early in the game when a Florida defensive lineman chased down the supposed best player in college football.

The Gators didn”t get much respect because they had a lot of close games this year. I expect more credence will be given now to the idea that it”s easier to win big against Northwestern, Illinois and Indiana than it is to blow out Tennessee, Georgia and Arkansas. I”ve never been very impressed with Ohio State, and I picked Florida to win (I just didn”t note that here. I swear).

Would I have predicted this much of a nut cracking? No, but a powerhouse SEC team win over the best of the Big 10 shouldn”t be a surprise.

So well done, Gators. I”m glad our one ass-kicking this year came at the hands of the national champions. No word yet on whether USC is also claiming a national title this year.

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