Garry Betty

I was extremely saddened to learn that EarthLink CEO Garry Betty has died. Many of you know I work at EarthLink, and Garry was the embodiment of the company.

If you didn”t know much about Garry, he was a unique guy and had a special dynamic as a tech CEO. Personable, sincere and smart, Garry was the driving force in EarthLink”s growth, the merger with MindSpring and our bold new focus on growing beyond the traditional ISP business. My journalist buddies had a genuine affection for Garry, which says a lot about him.

EarthLink founder Sky Dayton put together a very nice tribute site where a lot of great comments about Garry are flowing in. If you”d like to learn a little bit about what made Garry Garry, you should check it out. I particularly like Sky”s early EarthLink photos and recollections, especially the shot of Garry with his state-of-the-art laptop.

And per company policy, I should note that I”m an employee of EarthLink but am not speaking for the company here.

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