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Where am I?

I like this picture I took Friday evening from Dave C”s hotel room. Where were we?

Interesting terms of service at

I”m pretty fascinated by the fact that a huge stash of Paris Hilton”s private photos, videos, diaries, etc. have been turned into a gawker/porn site after being auctioned off to settle a mini-storage bill. Talk about the perfect marriage of celebrity obsession and technology. And surely lots will be written about all this. But what [...]

Sirius living in an Acura TL

For the sake of those fine Googlefied folks who view the Wisdom as an Acura TL blog, I wanted to post my suggestion on how to get Sirius into an Acura TL (which also happens to be the way I put Sirius in my TL). Biggest upside of my install – no brackets or other [...]

Inman Park Properties Update

The big news in EAV today is that the Homeless Hovel – aka 462 Flat Shoals Avenue – owned by Inman Park Properties has finally been torn down. Just six short years after buying one of the biggest eyesores in East Atlanta – rivaled by the John B. Gordon School, of course (another Inman Park [...]

Leslie Lying?

I have to agree with the fine folks at TigerSmack that it”s pretty troubling that Les Miles was either lying about knowing what”s up with Ryan Perrilloux or is actually that clueless about what”s going on in his program. We’re also a bit puzzled/irritated by LSU Head Football Coach Les Miles’ blatantly lying about his [...]

Ryan Perrilloux under federal investigation

Could it be that LSU lost two quarterbacks today? On the same day that JaMarcus Russell (smartly) made the decision to jump to the NFL, WWL Radio has confirmed that freshman quarterback Ryan Perrilloux – the future of LSU football – is “under federal criminal investigation”. No, that”s not good. I”ve been hearing rumors for [...]

What excites me about the iPhone

“Watching” the minute-by-minute live blogging of Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone today, I got more and more excited with each little feature detail coming out. No buttons – cool. Auto-rotation between vertical and horizontal views – awesome. Smart design for handling dialing and voice mail – great. A real OS and a real Safari browser [...]

Better. Stronger. Faster

As an LSU fan, I”m supposed to hate Florida. I can”t say I like them all that much, but I sure do respect them. Not that I didn”t enjoy the endless fun of the Zook era, but just like the SEC needs a strong Alabama, it needs a strong Florida, too. And having Florida hand [...]

Intrigue among the LSU assistants

Even before Fonzie landed in Tuscaloosa this week, there was a lot of speculation that a bunch of LSU assistant coaches might be on the move this off-season. The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) has a roundup of the latest stayings and goings around campus, and there are some compelling [...]

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