Inman Park Properties update

As we put a cap on 2006, a quick update on progress Inman Park Properties is making on their holdings in East Atlanta. Jeff Notrica has farmed out clean-up and maintenance to Jason Howard, who bought East Atlanta Ace Hardware earlier this year (Notrica owns the Ace property and apparently also owns part of the Ace business). To Jason”s credit, he”s done considerable work in cleaning up the area behind Notrica”s Glenwood Avenue properties. This was the most obvious example of Inman Park Properties” neglect of their East Atlanta properties and a real blight on the neighborhood.

Inman Park has also closed the B&W convenience store across from Crave on Glenwood. Kudos for that – word on the street is that they bought out the lease, but that”s difficult to confirm. But other than closing the place down to create yet another vacant building in their portfolio, there”s been no obvious action to demolish that building or the East Atlanta Lock & Key space. That needs to happen.

The Tucker Automotive space on Flat Shoals is apparently leased to a guy who plans to open a restaurant there, and last week there was some work – maybe just clean-out – being done at the space there. But nothing I”ve noticed since.

On the Glenwood strip (between Graveyard Tavern and the Good News Cafe space) some action seems to be happening on the two restaurants that are supposed to be opening there. No big, obvious build-outs, but small signs.

But one of Inman Park”s biggest problems in East Atlanta – the boarded up house on Flat Shoals north of the antiques place – remains a graffiti-covered homeless hostel and dumping ground. Notrica is supposed to be demolishing the building – a months-old promise – but so far no permit has been issued and no apparent progress has been made. That”s inexcusable.

And there”s no point in even mentioning the John B. Gordon School. 2007 will mark the ninth year (I believe) that Inman Park Properties has done nothing with the building except let it rot.

So what we”re seeing is Notrica addressing some obvious but basic maintenance issues, and there could be some action on getting businesses open in some of Inman Park”s spaces. But Notrica and his companies have yet to demonstrate that they are serious about addressing the significant issues with their vacant and neglected properties in East Atlanta.

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  1. Savannah says:

    Look how they talk about Jeff Notrica in Savannah. Click this link below. Soooooooooo Sad.

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