Love New Orleans? Visit New Orleans

I”m not going to say much about the ambulance-chasing talking hairdo exploiting New Orleans today for his own political gain – except this: you want a photo op of you “helping” New Orleans? There are bigger things to tackle than spreading dirt for a patio, shithead. Put on some coveralls and a mask and get inside one of the hundreds (thousands?) of houses still sitting ruined and molding 16 months after Katrina. But that would be hard to get pictures of, wouldn”t it? No, I”m ticked this morning about something Sen. Hairdo”s online adviser (or whatever he”s doing) wrote upon arriving in New Orleans last night.

Robert Scoble was – not surprisingly – shocked at what he saw when he got to town last night. He”s right – something is indeed very different in New Orleans.

But here”s the line that really disturbed me:

this is our favorite city

Your favorite city? And apparently you haven”t been back since Katrina? But still you say it”s your favorite city? Interesting.

I don”t want to pick on Scoble. It could very well be that he”s been to the city several times since Katrina (but just doesn”t write about it), has donated considerable money to relief efforts and orders a case of Hubig”s Pies every Monday morning to get a little cash flowing in the city.

I”d just like that quote and apparent disconnect between feelings toward New Orleans and actions to help the city survive to serve as a reminder. If you love New Orleans; if New Orleans is your “favorite city”; if you give a damn about New Orleans surviving, then take some action. Visit the city and help your favorite restaurant stay in business.

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