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Bricks & Mortar – how to fail

Yesterday I installed my Sirius Starmate Reply in the TL, and it was relatively quick and easy. I just had to pop off some panels, drill one hole in the bottom center console tray and route the antenna wire up under the dash (the antenna sits inside the car on the dash, which works quite [...]

Inman Park Properties update

As we put a cap on 2006, a quick update on progress Inman Park Properties is making on their holdings in East Atlanta. Jeff Notrica has farmed out clean-up and maintenance to Jason Howard, who bought East Atlanta Ace Hardware earlier this year (Notrica owns the Ace property and apparently also owns part of the [...]

Love New Orleans? Visit New Orleans

I”m not going to say much about the ambulance-chasing talking hairdo exploiting New Orleans today for his own political gain – except this: you want a photo op of you “helping” New Orleans? There are bigger things to tackle than spreading dirt for a patio, shithead. Put on some coveralls and a mask and get [...]

No sales tax = smart

I was cruising around this morning checking out some potential after-Christmas deals on digital cameras and ended up over at (more on why below). And on the product page”s rundown of the cost they included a big “No Sales Tax” reference. Of course, I prefer to not pay sales tax directly on my online [...]

Life with the Acura TL

Since Smoove asked … I”ve had my TL for a month and a day now and have put about 2,500 miles on it (road trips), so some initial impressions: – Interior feel: Excellent. Acura does a great job of making the TL feel a lot more expensive than it is. Great leather seats, great fit [...]

Dirty Jobs in New Orleans

Mike Rowe didn”t have a hard time finding some really vile work in this week”s episode of Dirty Jobs, because he spent the whole show in New Orleans. He rode with the rodent and mosquito abatement crews, highlighting the issue of non-human life that”s thriving in a very disturbing way. Most interesting was how they [...]

BCS / Bowl Post

I guess I can”t go all year writing about LSU and college football and not do something on the way the BCS shook out. So here goes: You can make a damned fine case that Florida had the second-best season and deserves to play in the BCS title game instead of Michigan. Look at the [...]

The problem with navigation system POI

I”ve been toying around a good bit with the GPS system in my new Acura TL, mostly figuring out what”s possible to hack and/or modify in the system (with lots of info from AcuraZine). Changing the initial load screen to an LSU logo, getting rid of the “OK” button click required to launch the nav [...]

Championship Week Picks

Ah, the bonus weekend – when real conferences play championship games and the Pac 10 tries to act like it has a championship game by also playing. Beats the Big 10″s lack of games for the past couple of weeks, but come on; add two teams and get yourself a real conference, USC. The big [...]

The real point of TV over the Internet

As he tends to do, Mark Cuban has stirred the pudding; this time about issues around getting Internet-delivered HD video over the tubes and on to your HDTV set. And the folks over at PVR Wire (among others) are speculating on ways HD programming might actually be delivered over the Internet and to your shiny [...]

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