And, oh yeah, I bought a car

My mind”s been too distracted by work, LSU, holidays, East Atlanta goings-on and looking at cars to focus much Wisdom on my ongoing car search. But to cut to the chase; I bought one last Tuesday. And what ride is now filling the Capn”s half of the Wisdom Garage? After much consideration, many test drives and tons of back-and-forth, I settled on a 2006 Acura TL Navi, Anthracite (dark grey) with Ebony (black) interior. Looks like this:

Yes, I derided the TL as a “Buckhead car” a few months ago. But in the end, there was simply no match for the TL when it came to features, quality, comfort, size, performance and just about every other factor I considered. Throw in my ability to find the last 2006 Anthracite TL in Georgia, and I was sold.

Purchasing the 2006 TL now was also an act of courageous self-control, as it kept me from spending about $9K more on a 2007 TL Type-S. I had planned to wait until February to get a new ride, but it was clear this was last call for the nicely-discounted 2006 class.

More to come on my adventures with the TL, but some topline observations:

- It”s fun to hack the navigation system. Mine boots up with an LSU logo instead of the standard Acura one now, and bye-bye disclaimer screen and need to agree to its terms every time the car starts. And hello to the disabled trip computer display on the navigation screen!

- I went with an automatic instead of a stick; partly because it”s possible my commute could be longer and more difficult sometime during the car”s life, and partly because the shift-o-matic, trip-tronic, slap-happy shift mode works real nicely on the TL. So far I don”t miss the stick.

- XM Radio still sucks, sucks, sucks. It”s a shame that Honda is tied exclusively to XM, because it would be nice to not have to add on a Sirius kit to get good satellite radio. But at the same time, I was disappointed to see that even when coming through the navi screen, the artist and song display is truncated at about 16 characters. I”m not sure if that”s an XM limitation or poor design of the XM receiver. I get three months free of XM, and I won”t be renewing. It”s fine during football season (ESPN Radio), but Jesus XM sucks.

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