LSU / SEC Week 13 Recap

Broader observations on things to come, but a re-hash of this week”s SEC action: LSU / Arkansas – Thank God for Houston Nutt. As unimpressed as I am with Leslie, I have to think even Miles would know whether to play your offense that works or your offense that doesn”t work when you need to score a touchdown to keep your BCS dreams alive. I simply can”t understand the decisions he made at pivotal points in the game. With about 3:45 left to play, Arkansas declined an offensive pass interference call that would have put LSU in a 2nd and 25. Instead it was 3rd and 10, and JaMarcus hit Bowe for a first down … just like he always does in key spots. That likely cost Arkansas about a minute and a half and about 25 yards in field position.

And when they got the ball back with two minutes to play, did Nutt put Darren McFadden and the hard-to-stop “wildcat” offense in? Yeah, no. It was that Dick of a QB who”d managed to complete three passes all day. The result?

1st-10, ARK27 2:00 C. Dick incomplete pass to the right
2nd-10, ARK27 1:52 C. Dick incomplete pass to the right
3rd-10, ARK27 1:46 C. Dick incomplete pass to the right
4th-10, ARK27 1:37 C. Dick incomplete pass to the left

Strong finish, Houston. So much for those BCS hopes.

On our side, I don”t take issue with much of the game. JaMarcus was his typical strong self; our run game was adequate and considering out injuries at linebacker, the talent of Arkansas” run game and the X factor of that “wildcat” offense, I don”t much fault the defense for giving up 298 yards on the ground. The two fumbles were unfortunate, but those things happen.

Arkansas is an incomplete team. And LSU made them pay for that. So well done.

I blew the pick, of course.

Elsewhere, I got picks right except for Georgia. For the week, 4-2. Final stats for the year, 76-20.

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