LSU / SEC Week 13 Picks; Week 12 Recap

So, then – big game this Friday for LSU. And a bigger game for Arkansas. Everything has been decided as far as the SEC title race goes, but a win Friday is key to each team”s hope for a Top 5 finish. I think most objective folks looking at this game say Arkansas is a lock. They”ve won 10 in a row and look stronger every week. They”re more or less playing at home and need the game to stay in the BCS race (title game is a longshot, though).

As with every single game LSU has played this week, I think we have superior talent. Arkansas can be beat with the pass, and their run defense isn”t that strong, either. We”ve got talent to spare on offense, and our rush game has shown promise, rolling up 200+ yards against Alabama and Tennessee (but just 91 against Ole Miss). If we have a good offensive gameplan and actually execute it, we”ll be in good shape.

The key to stopping Arkansas, of course, is shutting down the running game. And while LSU has the nation”s 6th-best rush defense, the best rush offense we”ve faced is – I”m serious – ULL at 20th in the nation. Arkansas is 2nd in the nation with 230 yards per game.

So call our rush defense untested at best. And I”m concerned about Darry Beckwith being able to play (at full speed, especially), and a strong linebacker corps is key to stopping the Hogs” running game.

I think it comes down to this: LSU has to have a consistent and effective offense Friday to win this game. Unlike Tennessee and Ole Miss, Arkansas has the ability to control the ball and run clock. If Arkansas goes up by 13 late in the 3rd quarter, LSU can”t count on having the ball for 8 of the last 15 minutes like last week.

All that said, I need to make a pick. Faith in Leslie … or the expectation of more of the same? Sorry, I just can”t trust Leslie.

Hogs 24 – 20

Elsewhere … who really cares now?

I”ll say Florida, Tennessee, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Georgia Tech win. The teams they play lose.

Last week, I went 6-1. For the year, 72-18.

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