Frustratingly Familiar

At no time during the LSU / Ole Miss game Saturday night did I worry that the Tigers would lose. Not when the Tigers went down 13 with 16 minutes to play. Not when LSU failed to convert a 4th down with 14 minutes left. Not when LSU almost turned the ball over and then had to punt with 5 minutes to play. Not when it came down to 4th and goal with 18 seconds left. And not when the game-winning PAT was blocked and the game went to overtime. No, it was a forgone conclusion that the Tiger talent would pull the game out in the end. JaMarcus, Bowe and Doucet are just that good. But here LSU was again, having to pull out a late victory over a clearly outmatched team. Tennessee is at least a decent team. Ole Miss just plain sucks.

LSU dominated the Rebels physically, running up 311 yards of offense to Ole Miss” 191. But the Tigers failed mentally.

After Ole Miss faked punts on two consecutive drives, LSU was not prepared for an on-side kick attempt (when Ole Miss was kicking from the 50 after a stupid personal foul on a PAT). LSU was offsides (again) on a kickoff, which turned a touchback on the first kick into a 56-yard return on the second – and Ole Miss” first touchdown … the on-side kick … another personal foul … and their second touchdown.

LSU opened the second half by giving up a 61-yard kickoff return and a 17-7 Ole Miss lead. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

By the end of the 3rd quarter, Ole Miss had 188 yards of offense and 20 points. LSU had 188 yards of offense and 7 points. LSU essentially handed the Rebels 17 points out of stupidity.

Extraordinary talent can overcome a lot of stupidity on the sideline, especially when it”s Ole Miss that Leslie is looking across at. But talent comes and goes. Stupidity sticks around.

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