Jeff Notrica / Inman Park Properties update

With an update due from Inman Park Properties at tomorrow night”s EACA meeting, the gang (not me, I was out of town) went out to check on the “progress” on Jeff Notrica”s properties Saturday.

Observations from The EAV Buzz crowd:

Well, we did our follow up tour of Inman Park Properties properties for the punch list yesterday. Here”s what we found:

Jason (the owner of ACE Hardware) did hire 4 guys to do some cleanup work behind Graveyard, and I appreciate those efforts tremendously, but that doesn”t negate the fact that the work didn”t even BEGIN until yesterday – the day we did the walkthrough – despite the fact that they”ve had the punchlist for over 3 weeks. I wonder if it would have been done at all if Inman Park Properties and Jason hadn”t been given advance notice that we”d be coming around. And my understanding is that Jason paid for the work himself, not Inman Park Properties. Given all that, I”m reluctant to give them much credit for the clean up.

Zero progress has been made on the yellow Flat Shoals house – the back yard still looks like a landfill, and the house is still wide open to anyone who wants inside. Besides being addressed in the punchlist, they also received a code violation notice from the city at least 6 weeks ago. I don”t know if they”re not planning to touch it until they demo it, but I don”t understand why they can”t at least fully secure the windows and doors and clear the nasty-ass trash out of the back yard in the meantime.

The Gordon School has seen a little improvement. The holes in the fencing have been repaired, some trees have been cleared (though the dead limbs are still laying around in massive piles) and the grass has been mowed. They also painted the window frames on the side facing Brannan Towers. The once-open back door is now closed and secure, but the glass in most of the 2nd story windows is still broken and one of the ground level windows is open and the security cover partially removed.

Everything else is almost exactly as we last saw it – or in some cases worse. There”s even more trash behind B&W – including some crappy carpet remnants – and EAL&K is still littered with makeshift grills, rusting folding chairs, and trash.

The area under the stairs behind the old Pastifico Di Cameli place still looks like a homeless camp, and new items have appeared back there – including an almost new bicycle and a VCR. I can only assume they”re stolen. And the back door of the empty storefront next to the head shop looks like it”s been recently kicked in. The deadbolt and doorknob are completely missing and the holes have been covered with some kind of wire mesh.

On the positive side, something seems to have lit a fire under Abe to make some improvements to his properties – he”s cleaning up and expanding the usable space in the SugarBritches building, and rumor is he”s also working on Madison Theater, though we didn”t see any evidence of that yesterday morning.

All in all, I have to say I”m disappointed in the lack of improvement to the Inman Park Properties properties, but not at all surprised, and I”m hoping that Danny will be at the EACA meeting Tuesday so that we can share our follow-up findings with him.

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