Rutgers. Please …

OK, so now we have to hear this “Rutgers is for real!” bullshit. Hey, maybe they are, but there”s no evidence to prove it. Sure, they just knocked off undefeated Louisville, but Louisville”s reputation was horseshit. 5-4, 1-9, 5-4, 6-4, 6-3, 5-4, 3-6, 7-1 are the records of the teams Louisville has beaten. And that 7-1 team (West Virginia) got its wins over teams that are 4-5, 2-8, 7-2, 5-4, 3-7, 3-6 and 3-5. The Big East is nothing but a pyramid scheme where marginal teams can look good by winning against the amazingly weak teams in conference and scheduling out of conference games against the likes of Marshall, East Carolina, Middle Tennessee and Howard.

So now it”s Rutgers. The flawed human polls will love them now, and so will the computers – for now.

But consider the powerhouses Rutgers has knocked off this year:

North Carolina (1-8)
Illinois (2-8)
Ohio (7-3 in the MAC)
Howard (3-6)

South Florida (6-3)
Navy (6-3)
Pittsburgh (6-3)
Connecticut (3-5)

And now Louisville.

It”s ridiculous compared to what the 1-loss teams of the SEC, Big 12, (soon to be) Big 10 and even USC in the Pac-10 have faced. I doubt Rutgers can rise to the BCS title game, and that”s a good thing for advertisers buying time after the first quarter of that game.

But if they can get past West Virginia, they”ll have their chance to prove their worth in a big BCS game. And I hope they get there. I”d love to see Rutgers take on Auburn, Florida, Texas or USC.

Rutgers isn”t a bad team. They may even be a good team. But they”ve not shown themselves to be on par with any of the 1-loss teams above them. It”s actually too bad for them that the BCS talk is getting heaped on them now. They”re building a program, and that”s a process. Have a good year, go to a good bowl, and keep winning next year and the year after. Then you can get in the conversation.

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