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And, oh yeah, I bought a car

My mind”s been too distracted by work, LSU, holidays, East Atlanta goings-on and looking at cars to focus much Wisdom on my ongoing car search. But to cut to the chase; I bought one last Tuesday. And what ride is now filling the Capn”s half of the Wisdom Garage? After much consideration, many test drives [...]

Pre-BCS Outlook

OK, so except for those extra games played by real conferences, the Rutgers / West Virginia game to settle the Big East and the Pac-10″s final “let”s make it look like we actually have a conference championship by playing games on that weekend” set of games, the college football season is over and jockeying for [...]

LSU / SEC Week 13 Recap

Broader observations on things to come, but a re-hash of this week”s SEC action: LSU / Arkansas – Thank God for Houston Nutt. As unimpressed as I am with Leslie, I have to think even Miles would know whether to play your offense that works or your offense that doesn”t work when you need to [...]

LSU / SEC Week 13 Picks; Week 12 Recap

So, then – big game this Friday for LSU. And a bigger game for Arkansas. Everything has been decided as far as the SEC title race goes, but a win Friday is key to each team”s hope for a Top 5 finish. I think most objective folks looking at this game say Arkansas is a [...]

Frustratingly Familiar

At no time during the LSU / Ole Miss game Saturday night did I worry that the Tigers would lose. Not when the Tigers went down 13 with 16 minutes to play. Not when LSU failed to convert a 4th down with 14 minutes left. Not when LSU almost turned the ball over and then [...]

Quick note Re: Ohio State

The ESPN Gameday crew expressed some outrage that Ohio State is just No. 3 in the BCS computer rankings right now. Outrage, I tell ya! Everybody knows Ohio State is the No. 1 team in the country. But here”s the thing – computers don”t have pre-season rankings. Computers don”t watch SportsCenter. Computers look at facts. [...]

LSU / SEC Week 12 Picks; Weeks 10-11 Recap

My picks have gone really downhill in the past few weeks; recap of my sucking at the bottom. But to this week … LSU needs Mississippi State to beat Arkansas and Alabama to beat Auburn in order to turn next Friday”s LSU / Arkansas game into a SEC West showdown. Whatever. We shouldn”t be in [...]

Jeff Notrica / Inman Park Properties update

With an update due from Inman Park Properties at tomorrow night”s EACA meeting, the gang (not me, I was out of town) went out to check on the “progress” on Jeff Notrica”s properties Saturday. Observations from The EAV Buzz crowd: Well, we did our follow up tour of Inman Park Properties properties for the punch [...]

Rutgers. Please …

OK, so now we have to hear this “Rutgers is for real!” bullshit. Hey, maybe they are, but there”s no evidence to prove it. Sure, they just knocked off undefeated Louisville, but Louisville”s reputation was horseshit. 5-4, 1-9, 5-4, 6-4, 6-3, 5-4, 3-6, 7-1 are the records of the teams Louisville has beaten. And that [...]

Quickest SEC / LSU Picks Ever

OK, heading down to Baton Rouge tomorrow for LSU / Alabama, so not a lot of time for deep analysis. But I”ll say this: LSU 27 – 17 over Bama Tennessee 28 – 24 over Arkansas Auburn 20 – 17 over Georgia Florida 31 – 24 over South Carolina Kentucky 17 – 13 over Vandy [...]

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