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LSU / Florida Preview & Pick

I got no good analysis to give for No. 9.5 LSU at No. 5 Florida tomorrow. The Crocs are more battle-tested, having beaten both Tennessee and Alabama, and apart from the Auburn game there”s not much faith I can put in stats coming out of our games so far. Let”s face it: wins over ULL, [...]

SEC Week 6 Predictions

Separate LSU / Florida preview and pick to follow. The first meaty weekend of SEC v. SEC big-name matchups will go a long way toward defining the races in both the West and East sides of the conference. In the West you have the division”s two unbeatens – Auburn and Arkansas (Arkansas? seriously … they”re [...]

Jeff Notrica and Inman Park Properties

This won”t be of interest to most loyal Wisdom readers, but there”s a lot of discussion going on in East Atlanta these days about Jeff Notrica and Inman Park Properties. Notrica, through Inman Park Properties and a number of LLCs he controls, owns a lot of commercial property in East Atlanta and appears to be [...]

Auburn’s $15,000 laptop

Last Wednesday somebody stole a laptop used by the Auburn coaching staff and containing information about the team”s gameplan from a South Carolina hotel. Coach Tommy Tuberville dismissed rumors of a Cocks conspiracy but lamented the loss of the laptop he valued at $15,000. A $15G laptop? Seriously? From what I understand, the most expensive [...]

LSU / SEC Week 5 Recap

I guess it”s some kind of pre-Florida motivation technique for Les Miles to “have concerns” after LSU repeatedly shoved the proverbial broomstick up the ass of Mississippi State on Saturday. But come on. In the first 20 minutes of play, LSU scored TDs on each of its five possessions and rang up 268 yards of [...]

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