Jeff Notrica makes a promise

Word on the street is that Inman Park Properties head guy Jeff Notrica spent a good part of today chatting about East Atlanta issues with those people who matter in the EACA and business community.

Promises were made. Generally speaking, from what I understand Notrica agreed that he has issues with some of his properties in East Atlanta. And apparently he”s agreed to do something about it. High on the list, apparently, is the demolition of the crack shack on Flat Shoals next to the East Atlanta Antiques building:

And the East Atlanta Lock & Key building (also known now as the East Atlanta Loiter & Drink):

Of course, tearing down his vacant buildings (which attract vagrants) requires permits, and permits take time. Given Notrica”s lack of action in East Atlanta to this point (can you say “John B. Gordon School”?), I”ll believe this when I see it. And I”ll let you know when the buildings come down.

In the meantime, I have a suggestion for Inman Park Properties and Jeff Notrica. The entire area behind the buildings you own on Glenwood Avenue between the Graveyard Tavern and the old Good News Cafe space is a trash-strewn, homeless-living pit of filth. You need no permits to hire a couple of garbage trucks to clean that place up. It could be done tomorrow.

So let”s see if that happens soon. I”ll let you know.

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