A tour of Jeff Notrica’s East Atlanta

As I”ve mentioned before, there”s a man named Jeff Notrica who owns an awful lot of commercial property in the East Atlanta Village. Mr. Notrica has a development company named Inman Park Properties and through that company and various LLCs he controls more than two dozen commercial properties, many of which are currently vacant. At this month”s EACA meeting, Danny Glusman of Inman Park Properties requested that the residents of East Atlanta who do not believe Inman Park Properties is adequately maintaining its East Atlanta properties come up with a “punch list” of items that need attention. So today, the wife and I joined some neighbors to compile the list for Mr. Glusman and Inman Park Properties.

I”d like to present our observations and some pictures for those of you interested in East Atlanta. At the time of this writing, Inman Park Properties has not received this list, but I welcome any comments or rebuttals.

529 Gresham Ave (white storage facility)
- Repair Broken windows by the carport

- Remove loose trash from property
- Remove graffiti

Alley / parking lot behind Glenwood Ave retail strip (between Good News and Graveyard)
- Remove loose trash from property

- Empty overflowing garbage bins behind Pastifico Di Cameli
- Remove graffiti behind Pastifico Di Cameli
- Evidence of urban camping under stairs behind Pastifico Di Cameli; area needs to be secured
- Remove / secure open construction dumpsters in parking lot behind Gravity Pub
- Remove broken glass / window frames between construction dumpsters
- Mow / remove weeds and overgrowth from grassy area behind parking lot

- Add lighting to parking lot
- Evidence of urban camping in grassy area between parking lot and back of Blendz; area needs to be secured
- Post ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘No Loitering’ signs in conspicuous locations on property

There”s so much garbage and dumped trash behind these spaces, it”s hard to pick just one shot. This is an open, unsecured dumpster full of random dumped items.

Also a common theme behind all of these vacant stores is evidence of “urban camping”, which is the nice way Atlanta says bums are living there.

1259 Glenwood Ave (formerly Burrito Art)
- Replace sheets in window with a more uniform, more attractive covering
- Repair exterior damage

1263 Glenwood Ave (formerly Pastifico Di Cameli)
- Business sign is rotting and in danger of falling; please remove
- Remove “patio now open” sign
- Repair exterior damage

1267 Glenwood Ave (former Dollar Tree)
- Remove trash from doorway
- Remove graffiti from windows

1269-B Glenwood Ave (formerly Martini Girl)
* Paint exterior

567 Flat Shoals Ave (tan bldg. next to Kingfisher)

- Replace ‘For Lease’ sign – current sign has been tagged
- Remove trash and leftover construction materials behind building
- Mow / remove weeds and overgrowth behind building

1336-1350 May Ave (vacant lots)

- Remove loose trash on property
- Repair damaged fencing
- Mow / remove weeds and overgrowth

550 Flat Shoals Ave (Tucker Automotive)

- Remove graffiti from sides of building
- Repair broken drive-through gate in back
- Remove vegetation from roof (near back) of building and consider adding gutters
- Remove trash piled along fence adjacent to B&W Market
- Secure door in back of building, adjacent to B&W Market

1321 Glenwood Ave (B&W Market)
- Lot should be repaved
- Remove trash along fence line next to Tucker Automotive and next to 1331 Glenwood
- Evidence of urban camping / theft (bicycle tires, purses, etc) along fence next to T.A. – post no trespassing signs, consider adding security cameras to overlook this property and East Atlanta Lock & Key

- Unsecured fence between B&W and 1331

The B & W market has this amazing pile of trash pinned up against the fence of the property next door (which is also owned by Inman Park Properties)

1331 Glenwood Ave (vacant lot w/mobile home)
- Remove old tires
- Remove rusty oil drums / used oil filters

- Mow / remove weeds & overgrowth
- Remove loose trash from property
- Door / windows on building are unsecured; replace fascia boards and replace locks on doors
- Repair holes in fencing
- Post no trespassing signs

Another common theme is collections of old tires piled up on Inman Park Properties sites. This is one of the best ones.

1335 Glenwood Ave (vacant lot)
- Remove trash
- Mow / remove weeds and overgrowth

1332 Glenwood Ave (white house)
- Remove loose trash from property

0 Haas Ave (SunTrust / Crave parking lot)

- Repair/replace broken fence
- Remove graffiti from light posts
- Remove unused / abandoned newspaper box
- Remove loose trash

487 Haas Ave (vacant lot behind SunTrust/Crave Parking)

- Remove tires (including large tractor tire)
- Remove loose trash
- Mow / remove weeds and overgrowth
- Evidence of urban camping; add lighting, post ‘no trespassing’ signs

538 Flat Shoals Ave (East Atlanta Lock & Key)

- Repave lot
- Remove trash / debris (including grills, chairs, etc, left by urban campers)
- Post no trespassing signs
- Add lighting to parking area; consider adding security camera to patrol this and B&W

The East Atlanta Lock & Key building has become a gathering point for vagrants and generally sketchy-looking people. This will not be a postcard for East Atlanta, but it”s become the reality on this Inman Park Properties site.

462 Flat Shoals Ave (vacant house next to Antique Mart)
- Remove ‘squatters’ and clean trash out of property

- Repair/replace and secure windows and doors; consider adding security system
- Has become a garbage dump site; remove trash and repair / add fencing to prevent recurrence
- Repair rotting exterior boards and repaint exterior
- Remove dead unplanted trees at rear of property
- Remove oil drums / other environmental hazards from rear of property
- Remove graffiti from brick wall

- Mow, remove weeds and overgrowth
- Post no trespassing signs

There are so many problems with this abandoned house owned by Inman Park Properties, choosing one picture is difficult. There are clear signs that vagrants have been living inside; the building is shabby and deteriorating and the backyard has become a large dumping ground. This is among the bigger piles.

442 Flat Shoals Ave (Revolution Tattoo / Dentist office)
- Remove graffiti from sides of building
- Remove loose trash from property

- Repair back door behind dentist office (looks like break-in attempted)

1205 Metropolitan Ave (John B Gordon School)
- Repair open / broken windows
- Mow / remove weeds, overgrowth and dead plants

- Remove large dead tree along Metropolitan
- Remove falling signs promoting loft conversion
- Replace decaying fascia boards
- Remove trees growing inside building
- Replace loose / removed metal window security screens
- Secure open door in back of property (adjacent to BATL-grounds)

- Repair / replace damaged fencing behind Flat Shoals Ave and Brannen Towers
- Repair / replaced damaged fencing along Metropolitan Ave.
- Ensure gate on Metropolitan remains closed at all times; if gate must remain open for UMC parking, consider adding new fencing to separate parking from school building
- Remove trash / debris from behind cinderblock shed

Ah, the John B Gordon School. Inman Park Properties has owned this since 1999. The “coming soon” sign had to be updated to “Spring 2006″, but obviously that didn”t happen. It doesn”t appear a single bit of rehabilitation work has been done on the building. Things are so rundown that there are literally trees growing inside the building and coming out of the windows.

Inman Park Properties is supposed to secure the John B. Gordon School to keep vagrants out. The “No Trespassing” signs are nice, but when they don”t even bother to keep the back door locked, it”s hard to really secure the place.

So that”s our tour of Jeff Notrica”s East Atlanta. We hope this punch list of items to be addressed will be helpful. We”ll be sending the list to Danny Glusman as he requested, and we”ll be asking for updates from Inman Park Properties at the monthly EACA meetings.

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