LSU / SEC Week 8 Predictions / Week 7 Recap / General Apology

Jesus I”m slacking of late. A lot of my free-time attention is going toward The Buzz these days, and free time has been hard to come by. I”m a bad blogger.

So anyway, I blew a lot of picks last week (I shoulda taken Vandy!), going 4-2 on the week and now I”m 48-10 on the year. This week, LSU welcomes Fresno State to town. I”d thought about going down for this one, but then Hawaii put up 68 points on Fresno. Actually, I”m just too beat to lose another weekend to live football.

For No. 14 LSU, I smell a down week. Coming off the offensive practice session known as the Kentucky game, having Auburn not get their second SEC loss, knowing Fresno got 68 put on them last week, going in to an off week before the Tennessee game and having the game start so late, sharpness may be hard to muster.

Luckily, Fresno is really bad. LSU 31 – 24

Elsewhere in the SEC:

Alabama at No. 8.5 Tennessee: It”s been five weeks since Tennessee has faced a real team, having taken out lightweights Marshall, Memphis and Georgia before taking last week off. The Vols have hopes for the SEC East title again with Florida losing last week, so they have a lot on the line. Alabama has two conference losses and barely got past Ole Miss last week, but they”re not out of the SEC West race yet. The Tide plays two (LSU and Auburn) of the teams ahead of them late in the year, so if Arkansas stumbles badly, the door could be open if Bama wins out. But I think the Vols have the better talent, and they”re at home. Tennessee 24 – 17

Ole Miss at No. 17.5 Arkansas: This is the type of game where an over-achieving team like Arkansas could get exposed. Sure, they figured out Auburn pretty well, but they only beat Vandy by two points and Bama by one. They feel good about blowing away SE Missouri, have UL-Monroe to look foward to next week and poor little Ole Miss coming to town tomorrow. I think they call it a “trap game”. And I need the Hogs to lose. Ole Miss 24 – 21

Mississippi State at No. 24 Georgia: Is there any way Georgia could lose at home to MSU one week after losing at home to Vandy and two weeks after getting their vaginas handed to them (at home) by Tennessee? I suppose there is, but unless Georgia is truly an awful team, they”ll “hunker down” and take care of this one. Dawgs 18 – 10

South Carolina at Vandy: The downside of beating Georgia when you”re Vandy? The next team you play has an automatic motivation to not look past you. Cocks 38 – 24

Tulane at No. 7 Auburn: Tigers 45 – 13

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