LSU / SEC Week 7 Predictions

Outside of Auburn / Florida, it”s a pretty lame weekend in the SEC. So I”ll make this short and sweet. No. 3 Florida at No. 10 Auburn: Here”s the game where the SEC talking points are defined. Either it”s “Florida”s a shoe-in for the BCS title game after making it through their schedule” if the Crocs win or “an SEC team will never make the BCS title game again … the road”s too hard” if it”s the TigerEagles. The national press is in love with Florida and the Lebow offense now, so the easy call is Crocs win and keep rolling. But Auburn isn”t as bad as Arkansas made them look (and maybe Arkansas is better than we thought), so it”s compelling to pick the TigerEagles here also. With LSU as a common victim, I”ll lean on my takeaways from our games for some guidance.

LSU didn”t have much of a problem with Auburn”s pass defense (our problem was with the officials), as JaMarcus rang up a healthy 269 yards in the air. We didn”t run the ball worth a damn, but that”s not unusual. Arkansas certainly showed it”s possible. Florida showed how tough its run defense is against LSU last week, and while their pass defense is not spectacular overall, their game-changer defensive backs make it hard to win with the air attack. And Auburn doesn”t have much of a throwing game.

Given that Auburn has shown itself vunerable to both a pro-style passing attack and an imaginative run game (no, Jimbo, you can”t just hammer into their line), they might just be ripe pickings for Florida”s offense. I don”t know that Tim Tebow can physically survive playing full-time QB in the SEC (boy takes a lot of hits), but the Leak / Tebow combination is a unique and powerful one.

So I have to go Crocs here. Florida 24 – 17

Kentucky at No. 16 LSU: All I have to say about this is the LSU Athletic Department is throwing a load of bullshit at us with the “we can”t put a TigerVision game together in six days” crap. They just don”t want the embarassment of a potential non-sellout SEC game coming off the Florida loss and with a pathetic Kentucky team coming in. Tigers 51 – 27

Vanderbilt at No. 14 Georgia: I”m still really happy about the Vols ripping the Dawgs open. That”s all I have to say. Georgia 24 – 10

Ole Miss at Alabama: CBS should be ashamed for taking this game. Tide 24 – 14

SE Missouri at No. 22.5 Arkansas: Cupcake, anyone? The SEC West-leading Hogs need to prove their worth and gear up for their next test … in four weeks at South Carolina. Hogs 45 – 13

Jacksonville State at Mississippi State: Cupcake, anyon… wait, this is 1-5 MSU. SEC pride keeps me from not picking the Bulldogs. MSU 9 – 6

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