LSU / SEC Week 6 Recap

I”m not avoiding writing about the LSU / Florida game because, you know, TCL and I threw away an entire weekend to see the mess in person. I just don”t have a lot to say about it. We pissed the game away; time after time. The Wisdom is getting a lot of fresh traffic from the “fire les miles” crowd, but I”m not ready to go back there. Are muffed punts and kicks a sign of poor discipline? Sure. But let”s face it, the team just made too many mistakes. Unless Leslie”s game strategy was to give the ball back to Florida time after time, this was more of a off, off day than signs of Miles” incompetence. Not that I”m a Leslie fan now or anything …

And considering the five turnovers LSU had, Florida was held pretty well in check. We straight out gave them two points and handed them an easy seven on our muffed kicks, so apart from that they managed just 14 points. Without the multitude of LSU mistakes, the game would have been a different affair.

But alas, it was not to be.

Elsewhere in the SEC, Arkansas made many an LSU boy happy earlier in the day – and proved me wrong. And Vandy let me down in my pick of them over Ole Miss. But Tennessee ripping the toenails off of Georgia was almost satisfying enough to make the LSU loss tolerable.

For the week, 4-3. For the season, 44-8.

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