LSU / SEC Week 5 Recap

I guess it”s some kind of pre-Florida motivation technique for Les Miles to “have concerns” after LSU repeatedly shoved the proverbial broomstick up the ass of Mississippi State on Saturday. But come on. In the first 20 minutes of play, LSU scored TDs on each of its five possessions and rang up 268 yards of offense while holding MSU to a total of 16 yards on 17 plays. The score was 35 – 0 with 10 minutes left to play in the first half. I can”t remember a more complete and immediate undressing of a conference opponent by any SEC team.

MSU managed one real drive in the first half and went in to the locker room down 35 – 3 and having gained a total of 55 yards in the half. I think you have to excuse the Tigers for being a little flat in the second half after the first-half performance and enduring an hour delay because of weather.

To be sure, LSU”s third quarter sucked. Two punts and an interception returned for a TD; 29 yards of offense. And our second-half defense gave up 7 points and 148 yards of offense. Should LSU have held MSU to 10 points or less? Sure.

Was 111 yards rushing and 3.0 yards a carry weak? Yes. Just as weak as the 111 yards rushing and 3.1 yards a carry Auburn managed against MSU three weeks ago. But what”s clear is that this LSU team is a pass-first offense, and that”s just fine. We average 267 yards passing and 144 yards rushing per game.

LSU”s ability to win without a running game was tested at Auburn; and we played well enough to win that game.

Five weeks in to the season, LSU is first in the SEC in points per game; third in total yards per game; third in passing yards and fifth in rushing yards. Jimbo Fisher has realized what kind of offense he has and what he needs to do to win. Some sloppiness while hovering over the carcass of Mississippi State shouldn”t be a big concern.

Coupled with a defense still ranking second in points allowed per game and first in yardage allowed, LSU is doing just fine so far.

The SEC coach who should be worried is Mark Richt. Again yesterday, Georgia was lucky to escape a pansy game with a win. Ole Miss is just about as bad as MSU, and coming out of Oxford with a 14 – 9 win should raise a lot of red flags in Athens. Tennessee awaits, gentlemen.

Elsewhere, Bama folded to Florida but kept it interesting late. That was my one missed pick, so I was 6-1 for the week and 40-5 on the season.

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