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Russ smacks a TV

If anybody watches Fox 5 news, you may have noticed they”ve started incorporating a “touch screen” gimmick where the anchor is standing in front of a monitor and smacks it to change from graphic to graphic. The funny thing is that anybody with an ounce of sense can see this ain”t really a touch screen [...]


I don”t mean to over-react, but this is seriously some of the scariest shit I”ve ever seen: FBI returns to “Fake Boarding Pass” guy”s home, seizes computers . Are the feds going to come after me for linking to this?

SEC Week 9 Predictions / Week 8 Recap

With LSU off and just two SEC games of any interest, this is not what we call a stellar Southern Football Weekend. Sure, there”s the annual World”s Largest Outdoor Beating of Georgia, and Tennessee can”t overlook the Cocks, but beyond that it”s a real snoozer of a weekend. So then … No. 8.5 Florida vs. [...]

Jeff Notrica makes a promise

Word on the street is that Inman Park Properties head guy Jeff Notrica spent a good part of today chatting about East Atlanta issues with those people who matter in the EACA and business community. Promises were made. Generally speaking, from what I understand Notrica agreed that he has issues with some of his properties [...]

Awesome Atari Accessory

The fine folks at Computer Gaming World have opened up their archive of early issues as free PDFs. That”s interesting in itself, as it gets to the notion of online archives of things that were never online, the value of historical information, etc. But what I dove into first was the hunt for hilariously bad [...]

A tour of Jeff Notrica’s East Atlanta

As I”ve mentioned before, there”s a man named Jeff Notrica who owns an awful lot of commercial property in the East Atlanta Village. Mr. Notrica has a development company named Inman Park Properties and through that company and various LLCs he controls more than two dozen commercial properties, many of which are currently vacant. At [...]

LSU / SEC Week 8 Predictions / Week 7 Recap / General Apology

Jesus I”m slacking of late. A lot of my free-time attention is going toward The Buzz these days, and free time has been hard to come by. I”m a bad blogger. So anyway, I blew a lot of picks last week (I shoulda taken Vandy!), going 4-2 on the week and now I”m 48-10 on [...]

The computers speak

The first week of BCS rankings are out, so that means the first full set of BCS computer rankings are out as well. Let”s see how the computers view things relative to the humans. BCS computer rankings as of Oct. 15: 1. USC 2. Michigan 3. Ohio State 4. Florida 5. Auburn 6. California 7. [...]

LSU / SEC Week 7 Predictions

Outside of Auburn / Florida, it”s a pretty lame weekend in the SEC. So I”ll make this short and sweet. No. 3 Florida at No. 10 Auburn: Here”s the game where the SEC talking points are defined. Either it”s “Florida”s a shoe-in for the BCS title game after making it through their schedule” if the [...]

LSU / SEC Week 6 Recap

I”m not avoiding writing about the LSU / Florida game because, you know, TCL and I threw away an entire weekend to see the mess in person. I just don”t have a lot to say about it. We pissed the game away; time after time. The Wisdom is getting a lot of fresh traffic from [...]

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