Correctvisionist History

Watching Bob Costas” interview with Reggie Bush today, I was shocked by the Costas description of Bush”s time at USC:

From Helix High School, Bush went on to an epic career at USC. He helped the Trojans to a national championship in his sophomore season, but they relinquished that title after a thrilling upset at the hands of Vince Young”s Texas Longhorns at this year”s Rose Bowl.

But what about the “national championship” USC “won” in 2003? As a freshman, Bush certainly “helped” the Trojans (521 rushing yards, 314 receiving yards; 7 TDs) in 2003, so it”s not that Costas was leaving out 2003 because of how he described Bush”s role in 2004.

Jesus, could Costas actually realize USC didn”t win the national championship in 2003? Surely not.

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