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LSU / SEC Week 5 Predictions

There”s something so very wrong about Tiger Stadium football at 11:30 a.m. Not Thursday night wrong … but damned unnatural. At least it”s only MSU, so No. 10 LSU should be able to handle that with sleepy morning eyes. LSU 38 – 3 Elsewhere in the SEC: Alabama at No. 5 Florida: Big temptation here [...]

Correctvisionist History

Watching Bob Costas” interview with Reggie Bush today, I was shocked by the Costas description of Bush”s time at USC: From Helix High School, Bush went on to an epic career at USC. He helped the Trojans to a national championship in his sophomore season, but they relinquished that title after a thrilling upset at [...]

LSU / SEC Week 4 Recap

OK, I got very little to say about LSU / Tulane, mostly because I only watched about five plays out in Vegas. I guess I should have gone and laid down some cash on the game. I actually did watch the Alabama / Arkansas game because our hosts were “Bama fans. Tough to say it [...]

SEC Week 4 Predictions

Out west this week and swamped, so it”s good to not have a lot of tough-to-call games on the schedule. Tulane at No. 11 LSU: Greenies. Yawn. I won”t even mind not watching this game (the wife and I will be in Vegas). Tigers 31 – 3 Buffalo at No. 3 Auburn: Yeah, Buffalo. The [...]


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LSU / Auburn Recap

I”m not the type to throw blame around at others when LSU loses. I catch a lot of shit for the blame I often throw at Leslie – in losses and wins – but I always write what I see, not what I want to think as Tiger fan. And yesterday, we were fucked. Repeatedly. [...]

LSU / Auburn Preview & Pick

Auburn. LSU. No. 4. No. 7. The inside track for the SEC West and a chance to stay alive in the national championship at stake. In Auburn. Yeah, it”s big. Before the season, I predicted Auburn would win this game. I based that prediction and my LSU season outlook on having lived through the most [...]

SEC Week 3 Predictions

Doing the SEC picks separately from LSU / Auburn analysis and pick this week because the Wisdom is still percolating on the LSU game. More on that later. On to the SEC action this week. No. 6 Florida at No. 17 Tennessee: The Crocs are still largely untested after warmups with Southern Miss and UCF, [...]

Hey now …

What”s up with Scott Rabalais and The Advocate (the Baton Rouge daily, not the national gay newspaper) outing the 1988 LSU / Auburn “Earthquake Game” as nothing special, seismology-wise? Sure, anybody with the capacity for rational thought realizes any good reaction from 80,000 LSU fans (back then) sitting in an old concrete bowl shakes things [...]

LSU / SEC Week 2 Recap

In my Week 2 Predictions, I said I wanted to see a few things from LSU”s tune-up against Arizona. How”d LSU do? – Offensive punch. Check. Balanced attack; nice mid-to-deep pass routes, mostly sharp offensive line, no sacks. We didn”t dominate the game on the ground by any means, but again we took the pass [...]

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