This may come as a shock

I”m sitting in the San Jose, Ca. airport right now waiting for my flight back to Atlanta. I was supposed to fly down to L.A. this morning for a last-minute meeting and then fly home out of LAX tomorrow. But in light of the security situation that came about overnight, I thought it best to get on home (sans my toiletries) through the low-volume San Jose airport rather than trying to deal with LAX tomorrow. And, as it turns out, the people we were meeting with missed their flight down because of this mess, so all in all it”s a good decision.

For all the crap I”ve given the TSA in the past about their ridiculous “security” rules, I have to say I agree with what they”ve done today. I have to assume they had good information about an imminent threat involving liquid-type things carried on to planes, so it”s a reasonable short-term measure to keep that stuff off the plane. However, if this becomes the “security” standard going forth, that”ll just reinforce my notion of the TSA as a feel-good front for “security” that doesn”t really do much in the end.

And here”s an idea: take all these tubes of toothpaste, hairgel, etc. that are being discarded at the security gates and line them up at the concourse exits. That way people getting off of planes who had to give up their things somewhere else can pick up replacements!

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