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SEC Weekend 1 v0.9 prediction

OK, so I”m going to pick back up with weekly SEC picks and general college football stuff this season. To come before Saturday kicks will be an overall pre-season thing on NCAA football, my SEC weekly picks and LSU/SEC forecast. But we actually kick tonight with Cocks & Dogs, so to get this easy prediction [...]

A Year

One year ago this morning, I was at work trying to get information on Hurricane Katrina as the storm came ashore. I knew the Mississippi coast – and particularly Waveland and Bay Saint Louis – were getting hammered, but there was little real-time information coming out. Then the wife sent me a link over AIM. [...]

Why the new BCS is horseshit

Ah, football season. I feel better now. I just got done watching the ESPN Gameday preview special, and the picks made for the BCS National Championship Game (the real one, not the Rose Bowl, which I”m sure USC will again think is the national title game) show exactly what”s wrong with the new BCS formula. [...]

How the terrorists are winning

There”s a nice opinion piece at Wired News today about how the hysteria over recent “security threats” shows the terrorists are winning. Of course, I wrote about this two years ago, but the Wired guy does a good job of framing his point in the context of recent non-threat “threats”. Not to be a spoiler, [...]

Wanted: Auto Technology Adviser

So the wife and I did some car shopping this past weekend (the Maxima is nearing the end of its useful life) and I was struck by a consistent theme – nobody trying to sell me a car could tell me much about the technology they want to sell me. Every ride we looked at [...]

Is Dish Network going to kill my DVRs?

Wow. OK, so the TiVo / EchoStar patent suit has come down to a judge ordering Dish Network to disable my DVR functionality? That HD-DVR I paid $600 for less than a year ago – they”re going to be forced by TiVo (through the court) to render it useless? What the hell did I do [...]

TSA site crashes Safari

I was going to update my stance on the new “security” standards put forth by the TSA (short answer – it”s ridiculous now since the “immediate threat” has ended), so I wanted to check what the TSA is saying on the rules today. Problem is that over and over (I tried 6 times) when I [...]

This may come as a shock

I”m sitting in the San Jose, Ca. airport right now waiting for my flight back to Atlanta. I was supposed to fly down to L.A. this morning for a last-minute meeting and then fly home out of LAX tomorrow. But in light of the security situation that came about overnight, I thought it best to [...]

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