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I probably got too excited today when my faithful subordinate presented me with a token gift from his trip out west last week:

That”s right – an authentic Apple Zippy. From the Apple Store (as in the one on the campus in Cupertino) no less. Zippies are a key piece of equipment in my line of work. I suppose it”s possible that some workplaces still have keys on the doors or – could it be – don”t have three or more locked doors you must badge through to get to your desk, but everywhere I”ve worked and pretty much every office I”ve visited since 1997 has been badged access.

And the Zippy is the preferred worker-to-sensor delivery device. Lanyards are for suckers, and unless you”re under 5″5″, you risk throwing your back out leaning down to most sensor pads. The secret door to Starbucks in my building used to not have a window in it, so for lanyarders to pass through they had to lean in and put their head right up by the door jamb that could open in on them at any moment. Not good.

So Zippy management and maintenance is important. Back in the day when I was laying off subordinates in droves, I built up a solid supply of Zippies reclaimed with their badges. That carried me through the whole .com bust.

Most Zippies are crap. The strings are too short and they don”t zip smoothly. It”s hard to find a good one.

But I have to say the Apple Zippy is excellent. Smooth flow and a string that”s longer than my horizonal arm reach. Like iPods and iMacs, they come in both black and white. I like to think there was a special team at Apple that was tasked with building this superior, easy-to-use and stylish Zippy, but that may just be my Macwashed brain overthinking it.

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