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Geek chic

I probably got too excited today when my faithful subordinate presented me with a token gift from his trip out west last week: That”s right – an authentic Apple Zippy. From the Apple Store (as in the one on the campus in Cupertino) no less. Zippies are a key piece of equipment in my line [...]

Dish Network forced DVR ad … for shame, for shame, for shame

I flipped open my Dish Network DVR program guide today to discover the company had forced down a 5-minute commercial for its PocketDish product overnight. Without my permission or consent, they wrote data onto the DVR I own. This is not cool. It”s very cable company-like, and I don”t appreciate it one bit. I paid [...]

The Replacements – 1981 showcase

Here”s a cure for my “too busy to offer Wisdom” thing … post up YouTube videos I come across. This is a great find – The Replacements doing Careless at a Twin/Tone showcase show in 1981. Yes, 1981. Tommy Stinson at 15, etc.

I love a parade

As Baton Rouge leaders work on a set of rules for local parades aimed at fostering public safety and welfare, I”d like to relate my experience as a participant in the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade. The year was 1985. I was working at a little crawfish boiling, poboy making, snoball shaving, pig lip selling, [...]

Stop asking

I”m busy, dammit.


This morning I was putting away some goods I bought this past weekend during a suburban shopping trip with the wife. As I was de-tagging and de-stickering a pair of Gap jeans, I noticed that sewn inside was another tag marked “DON”T SHOP AT GAP ANYMORE”. Actually, the tag was labeled “REMOVE BEFORE WASHING OR [...]

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