YouTube to the rescue

Really longtime readers of The Wisdom (I”m talking Dec. 03 here) will recall my plea for the entertainment industry to put my long-lost TV music treasures out on DVD.

The industry, of course, has not done much to expose the Long Tail of content to the masses. The Internet, however, is starting to come through. Cruising the RSS feeds tonight, BoingBoing pointed me to a super swell clip of Stevie Wonder doing “Superstition” on Sesame Street way back in the day. Yes, Stevie rocked the muthafuckin Street. Truly a musical treasure.

And it got me thinking … has YouTube helped bridge my lost-treasure gap?

I figured the best thing to look for was some of the old R.E.M. They used to be popular, after all. And, sure enough, the clips of their first Letterman appearance were posted:

Radio Free Europe

So. Central Rain


I”ve just started to scratch the surface, but I”m seeing good stuff. Yeah, I know … YouTube, moron – where you been? Fact is, I”ve become so dependent on RSS for my view into the world, I rarely spend time hunting around. But now … I”m hot on the trail of some treasures.

I”d suggest checking out this Plugz clip from New Wave Theater, but I”ll leave you with an embedded treat: R.E.M. on Nickelodeon. Only one of the songs is posted, but it”s my Holy Grail.

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