So it’s a big deal, then?

I get that landing the first post-baby interview with Angelina Jolie is a big deal in TV “news” land. And promoting the inteview certainly makes sense:

But Jesus has CNN gone overboard on this. They”ve been running little teaser clips all through the day since at least last Thursday promoting Anderson Cooper”s big catch (Larry King, you”re done), then tonight they actually had Anderson Cooper being interviewed live on Paula Zahn”s show about Anderson Cooper”s interview with Angelina Jolie. There”s a good chance Anderson will be on Larry King tomorrow night talking about his experience interviewing Angelina Jolie.

[editor"s note: The one clip I saw last Thursday made me really like Angelina. Anderson asked her "Is it true you donate a third of your salary to charitable causes?" and Angelina whipped back something like "Yeah, but I make a ridiculous amount of money for the work that I do."]

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