That’s some pricey office space

You gotta love those crazy headline writers at You may remember their take on the immigration debate and their oh-so-subtle creative spin on an AP unemployment story, but I think this one is just sheer stupidity at work:

That”s right – our friends downtown are saying this building is being sold for $8.9 billion:

I mean, I knew Buckhead office space was expensive …

Of course, the expectations of quality for somebody slinging online headlines is probably pretty low. What really irks me about this piece is how the lead is about Emeril”s restaurant being in the building. That”s such typical AJC Business section crap. They can”t just report the business news for people who care about business; they have to find some hook that might get people who picked up the rag to read the Living section to open another section.

I”d like to think Walter Woods was ordered by his editor to inject the Emeril reference; but he”s been around the AJC long enough now that it”s probably become second nature.

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