A scary moment

When I flipped open my Powerbook this morning, the power meter was sitting at 21%, meaning I needed to juice that puppy up. But when I pulled the power supply out of my briefcase, I couldn”t find the “wall wart” that”s key to making the power portable:

If you”re not a Mac user (I”m sorry), you”ve likely never experienced the beauty of a truly portable power supply. The key is the interchangable wart. The notched-out part with the wall plug above slides off to allow you to connect a separate extension cord that stays at your “base” location – so all you need to tote with you is the power supply base and wall wart.

Without the wall wart, however, you can”t get power on the go. So when I couldn”t find it in my case, I figured I”d left it at the office during my portable-to-base transition yesterday.

That left me with the potential horror of having to use the wife”s Dell laptop for at least part of today until I could get up to the office to fetch the wart. Those were some scary moments – until I found the wart hiding deep in the wrong pocket of my briefcase.


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