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YouTube to the rescue

Really longtime readers of The Wisdom (I”m talking Dec. 03 here) will recall my plea for the entertainment industry to put my long-lost TV music treasures out on DVD. The industry, of course, has not done much to expose the Long Tail of content to the masses. The Internet, however, is starting to come through. [...]

So it’s a big deal, then?

I get that landing the first post-baby interview with Angelina Jolie is a big deal in TV “news” land. And promoting the inteview certainly makes sense: But Jesus has CNN gone overboard on this. They”ve been running little teaser clips all through the day since at least last Thursday promoting Anderson Cooper”s big catch (Larry [...]

Highly recommended

I”m just 200 pages into Douglas Brinkley”s The Great Deluge, but it”s already clear this is essential reading for anyone who wants to really understand what happened in New Orleans and Mississippi before, during and after Katrina.

A Tiger we don’t need

I”m not one to discourage people from being fans of LSU. Quite the contrary. In fact, I”m still hoping some young lady comes along who can do for LSU what Ashley Judd did for Kentucky: Yum. Anyway, I was more than a little upset to see today”s “K-Fed holds Britney”s baby!” picture making the rounds: [...]

Not that I don’t like Florida …

But this is the kind of track I”d like to see all storms that make their way into the Gulf of Mexico taking this year: Evacuate Tampa now!!!

You should all read this

Yet another example of the problems New Orleans faces trying to get back on its feet. CALL OUT THE GUARD

That’s some pricey office space

You gotta love those crazy headline writers at You may remember their take on the immigration debate and their oh-so-subtle creative spin on an AP unemployment story, but I think this one is just sheer stupidity at work: That”s right – our friends downtown are saying this building is being sold for $8.9 billion: [...]


I saw a personalized license plate yesterday that has to be the deepest bit of thought I”ve ever seen on a car tag: I2WEPT I, too, wept? Man, that”s some heft to give a maximum of seven characters on a plate. There was no other adornment on the vehicle that might offer hints to the [...]

A scary moment

When I flipped open my Powerbook this morning, the power meter was sitting at 21%, meaning I needed to juice that puppy up. But when I pulled the power supply out of my briefcase, I couldn”t find the “wall wart” that”s key to making the power portable: If you”re not a Mac user (I”m sorry), [...]

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