Movin on up

Really longtime readers of The Wisdom will recall that nearly three years ago I predicted big things for my pal Dave and his cohorts in The Imagination Movers.

I really haven”t mentioned much here about it, but things are really moving for the Movers these days. Namely, a music and TV deal with Disney that will put the boys on the national stage here soon.

And I hope for huge things for them. In five years, I”d like to see Dave taking over the mortage at Master P”s place in Country Club of Louisiana. I talk to Dave a good bit these days and he fills me in on behind-the-scenes Movers stuff. There”s plenty of “can you believe this” sort of TV/music stars-to-be sort of stuff, but this ain”t Defamer, so I keep the tales to myself.

But since this little tidbit was in the Times-Picayune today, I guess I can throw it out there:

Popular local kids band the Imagination Movers, newly signed to a TV and record deal with Disney, spent Saturday discussing possible collaborations with renowned funk and pop producer Nile Rodgers. Rodgers, the guitarist in disco-era favorites Chic, has produced hit albums by Madonna, David Bowie, the B-52s, INXS and Duran Duran. The Movers hosted Rodgers for a daylong get-to-know-you visit in New Orleans, taking him on the “disaster tour” of their ruined Lakeview homes and to lunch at Bayona. “We talked shop, to see if there is any reason to collaborate,” Mover Rich Collins said. “He”s insanely successful, but his MO is to be intellectually curious. So he”s always thinking about different projects.”

Nile Freaking Rodgers! The man who gave the world “Like A Virgin”.

Not too long ago, I was picking up trash cans and traffic cones to help them put together an Atlanta gig, and now they”re lunching with Nile Rodgers at Bayona.

Well done.

[editor"s note: If you actually read the T-P article I linked to and check out the Bayona photo, you might get the impression that Dave"s not really in the band. But he is. Trust me. As someone never actually said: "I am a Goad!"]

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