Freak the baby names

Loyal readers of The Wisdom know I”m a fan of the annual list of popular baby names put out by the feds.

The new list is out, but this year I”m feeling unfulfilled. Why? There”s no Freak Factor in this data.

If you”ve read Freakonomics, you”ll no doubt remember the analysis about education, income and baby names. In short, names like Emily and Abigail are popular now because they used to be names that successful parents gave their children. The trickled down to the masses as less successful parents began to use them to tag their own children with a “successful” name.

Successful parents move on to new names, which ultimately will trickle down and become the new Emilys.

And that”s what my Freaked mind wants to see – what”s the education/income index for baby names? Show me the Top 10 gainers and losers in terms of parental education; top names by income level, etc.

Of course, asking the feds for that kind of detail and analysis is pointless. But it”s what Freakonomics has made me look for.

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