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Movin on up

Really longtime readers of The Wisdom will recall that nearly three years ago I predicted big things for my pal Dave and his cohorts in The Imagination Movers. I really haven”t mentioned much here about it, but things are really moving for the Movers these days. Namely, a music and TV deal with Disney that [...]

Even more good news for New Orleans!

Just 269 short days after the Katrina-inspired levee failures, Humana Health Benefit Plan of Louisiana will re-open its Metairie office this Thursday. Back in only nine months? Well done. It”s a good thing the office wasn”t somewhere that actually got damaged, I guess. And it”s just 30 short days until the first semi-big convention returns [...]

OK, who had "delivered to Louisiana in less than 48 hours – no questions asked"?

So I wouldn”t have expected this. Less than 48 hours after the USPS was scheduled to retrieve my little 37-cent monkey from that blue box in Mountain View (5 p.m. Pacific on 5/17), my sister found it in her St. Amant mailbox – with no postage due notice or anything. This shot, obviously, was taken [...]

Hate to say I told you so

Actually, I don”t at all hate to say I told you so; I was just listening to The Hives on the flight home today. But loyal readers of The Wisdom will recall that back in December I suggested FEMA has no business managing the housing needs of those displaced by Katrina and the levee failures [...]

The 37-cent test

Being the inquisitive fella that I am, I”ve been wondering what the post office would do with a letter carrying 37 cents worth of postage in a 39-cent stamp world. If I stuck such an insufficiently-postaged item in my mailbox, I imagine my letter carrier would probably write or stamp “insufficient postage” on it and [...]

Freak the baby names

Loyal readers of The Wisdom know I”m a fan of the annual list of popular baby names put out by the feds. The new list is out, but this year I”m feeling unfulfilled. Why? There”s no Freak Factor in this data. If you”ve read Freakonomics, you”ll no doubt remember the analysis about education, income and [...]

I’m not saying New Orleans is normal …

But these were great things to see and ingest down there this weekend: Franky & Johnny”s Roast Beef Poboy Hubig”s Pies Those things look great even by the light of a Treo camera lens.

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