Misty Champagne

I”ll admit I haven”t followed LSU basketball all that closely this year. It”s just a lot of work to keep up with basketball season from 500 miles away.

And because I watched the Duke and Texas games live, I was completely unaware of what”s apparently become a CBS obsession with coach John Brady”s wife. In fact, I was unaware that the 51-year-old balding, big-headed coach got married last year to a 33-year-old blonde personal trainer named Misty Champagne.

There”s a good bit of online chatter about Misty – with people calling her everything from a former stripper to a former Golden Girl (I”m not sure where the truth lies). But finding a picture of Misty is quite a challenge.

There is this shot from Yahoo! Sports:

Hard to tell too much from the backside shot except that she seems pretty cute and it”s obvious John Brady makes a lot of money.

Except for the blonde hair, Misty”s back view reminds me a lot of my own wife (she”s 32 but only 6 years younger than me – I”m not rich) in terms of style.

But that one shot on Yahoo! is hardly a satisfactory answer to “who is Misty Champagne?”. As usual, I had started my search on Google, but when I don”t get search satisfaction, I turn to MSN.

Googlefolk take note: More and more, MSN is returning better results.

On MSN I found a “testimonial” page from the site of some weird health/nutrition guy named Mackie Shilstone.

The data (age, location, etc.) matches up, so apparently this is Brady”s own Misty.

The photo there is a somewhat-scary “gal with muscles” shot that makes Misty look only a little bit like Starla from Napoleon Dynamite:

Her testimonial includes such insights as:

Best Bodypart: “Glutes – They add power to all my leg movements.”

Accomplishments: “Being a successful certified personal trainer and being able to effectively manage my personal career and family responsibilities.”

The testimonial doesn”t say anything about her being a Golden Girl, ever attending LSU or – of course – stripping.

My guess is that the talk about stripping or Golden Girling is just dumb Internet yapping. Sure, she probably married the ugly older rich man for reasons you”d expect.

And Brady had no doubt found a deep spiritual connection with the 33-year-old personal trainer.

Geaux Tigers!

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