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More good news for New Orleans!

Just 242 short days after the Katrina-inspired levee failures, Dickie Brennan”s Steakhouse has reopened. In just under eight months, New Orleans” (maybe the world”s?) most powerful family of restrauteurs has managed to get 7 of their 10 NOLA restaurants back up and running. Sometime next month, Brennan”s is expected to reopen, and Commander”s Palace should [...]

Now that’s commitment …

New Orleans” cultural luminaries have stepped up in the wake of the post-Katrina levee failures to help preserve the heritage of a city where heritage matters most. Harry Connick Jr. and Branford Marsalis have spearheaded the Musicians” Village Habitat project; Wynton Marsalis gave the city “Congo Square”; honorary New Orleanian Harry Anderson has turned his [...]

Fucktard of the Week

My apologies to Smoove D for stealing his trademarked tag (talk to my lawyer – but you”ll lose), but I think he”ll agree this guy deserves the title. On Fox 5 news this evening, they had a story about a road-rage incident in which one of the drivers had her business phone number written on [...]

Wow, no bias here

Headline on today about a rally at the Georgia Capitol – as the paper”s own story says – “opposing illegal immigration”:

Good news for New Orleans

Just 14 short months after Katrina, the city expects to be back in the cruise ship business when the first fat-American sea buses set sail from NOLA”s cruise terminals this October. See? Things aren”t all that bad down there. It should be noted that the first cruise ships to return to New Orleans – as [...]

Tornadoes are horrible … and insignificant

The tornadoes that ripped through suburban Nashville Friday did some pretty bad damage – in my wife”s hometown and along a path near where just about all of her extended family lives. That big church that was “destroyed” (note to the news media – the church wasn”t destroyed; its face was just ripped off) is [...]

A sad example of the Katrina Effect

From the Times-Picayune this morning comes the saga of Le Petit Soldier Shop, a 40-year-old French Quarter business on the brink of closing in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. No, the shop wasn”t flooded. It”s suffering from the complex set of economic and personal dynamics that threatens to fiscally wipe out much of what was [...]

Misty Champagne

I”ll admit I haven”t followed LSU basketball all that closely this year. It”s just a lot of work to keep up with basketball season from 500 miles away. And because I watched the Duke and Texas games live, I was completely unaware of what”s apparently become a CBS obsession with coach John Brady”s wife. In [...]

The work-a-day celebrity child

I forgot my ID badge this morning, so I had to head down to the security office to get me a temporary one when I got to work. A co-worker I”ve never met (we have a few hundred people in the office) was also down getting a temp badge, and he was served first. Security [...]

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