Come fall in love with Louisiana all over again

The state of Louisiana has launched a new ad campaign to promote tourism in the post-Katrina world.

Unfortunately, the state has no money (well, they have $7 million, which is essentially no money in advertising terms) to really market New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana right now, so The Wisdom is pitching in by providing free advertising space.

This is one of several ads featuring celebrities with connections to New Orleans. I chose the Patricia Clarkson ad because she”s actually from New Orleans, and let”s face it – she”s pretty hot for an older chick.

Now, just the 201,113 pixels I”ve devoted to the ad is worth a considerable amount, but I”m going one step farther and offering this friendly reminder:

Don”t be a dick. Visit Louisiana. It ain”t all that bad – at least in the places you”d be visiting. New Orleans needs your tourist dollars a lot more than San Francisco or anyplace else you”re thinking of visiting.

More information on Louisiana tourism can be found at the Louisiana Travel site.

P.S. They serve free Community Coffee at the Louisiana Welcome Center on I-10. What could be better than that?

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