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TiVo lovers pee-pee their panties

The TiVo community is abuzz about the upcoming release of two new TiVo boxes (the TCD649180 and TCD649080 for those of you scoring at home) that promise a couple of fantastic!!! new features: – Record up to 180* hours of TV!!! * Note: Actual recording capacity depends on signal quality and the type of programming [...]

Simply stunned

I was going to write some about LSU”s big-time (for a second time) win yesterday here in Atlanta; give you all fun tidbits from the Georgia Dome like how my buddy Dave called me right after the game and asked what was up with Big Baby being all pissed off at the end of the [...]

Buck Owens: R.I.P.

If you don”t know, Buck Owens was a lot more than Hee Haw”s “pickin” & grinnin””. In short, he mattered. Thank you, Buck.


J.J. Redick – you missed 15 shots? Holy smokes. Better luck next year – when you”re a marginal NBA draft pick. Geaux Tigers! Yes, I was there – thanks TCL!

… because they did everything else so well

FEMA offers help with evacuation planning. Correct me if I”m wrong, Louisianians, but wasn”t the mass evacuation (for those who chose to leave) about the only thing about the Katrina situation that went relatively well? And didn”t that happen before FEMA even showed up?

Four Jobs

I”m not one to do the whole “meme thing”, but seeing TYB”s Four Things rundown, I at least want to toss in the most amusing set of four from The Cap”n”s life: Four jobs you have had: – Crawfish boiler – Chemical plant worker – Weekend AM radio DJ – Beekeeper”s assistant I could go [...]

The case against TiVo

I get a lot of odd – sometimes angry – looks from friends when I say “I”m not a fan of TiVo”. For loyal TiVo users, it seems ridiculous to suggest that the product is anything less than fantastic. And if you”ve never experienced the magic that is DVR TV, TiVo is a mind-bending product. [...]

PSA for my Atlanta friends

If you have any sense whatsoever, you will catch Boss Martians at The Earl on March 27. And for my friends in Louisiana, if there”s any way you”d be in New Orleans on Monday the 20th, there is probably nothing cooler in the world than seeing the Martians at Circle Bar, which may in fact [...]


So I”m reading my new issue of Preservation magazine (from the National Trust for Historic Preservation – yes, The Cap”n is an enthusiastic member) the other day, and they had yet another piece on recovery efforts in New Orleans. Mentioned in the article is the woman who lives directly across the street from the shell [...]

Come fall in love with Louisiana all over again

The state of Louisiana has launched a new ad campaign to promote tourism in the post-Katrina world. Unfortunately, the state has no money (well, they have $7 million, which is essentially no money in advertising terms) to really market New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana right now, so The Wisdom is pitching in by [...]

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